Same day dental implants

Dental implants may be received in one day under certain circumstances. This means that patients may have dental implants and anchored tooth restorations immediately to replace missing or extracted teeth.

Tooth extractions and dental implants

Dentists strive to save existing tooth structure through procedures such as root canal treatment to eliminate infection from the tooth root canals and inner tooth dental pulp. There are times, however, that teeth cannot be saved when avulsed or damaged and tooth extraction is the last resort to prevent further oral infection and tooth loss.

Immediate or same day dental implants may be provided as an option to fill the missing tooth gap immediately after one or more dental extractions.

Same day dental implants may not be suitable for all and the procedure is only done if certain criteria are met. A dentist will advise if you are a good candidate for same day dental implants or if alternative treatment is better suited.

Criteria for same day dental implants

It is possible for an implant dentist to provide immediate or same day dental implants. Patients may receive dental implants if the missing tooth gap and gums are free of infection and if the bone structure is healthy.

The reason that it is necessary for dentists to meet these criteria is because it is necessary to extract the entire tooth root from the tooth socket before a dental implant may be inserted to replace the missing tooth root and tooth. The treatment site must be totally infection-free and the bone density strong for the procedure to be successful.

Same day dental implant procedures

If you are a suitable candidate, the procedure may be performed under local or general anaesthetic depending on the dentist's discretion and for pain-free treatment. A small hole is drilled in the jaw bone for insertion of a titanium post that will replace the extracted tooth root. Once inserted and secure, a temporary crown is anchored to the titanium post abutment.

Within a few hours of a day, a person with a missing or extracted tooth has an immediate tooth replacement for healthy oral function and a beautiful and confident smile.

Popularity of same day dental implants

The main benefit driving the popularity of same day dental implants is an instant, secure tooth replacement solution without having to wait with an unsightly and uncomfortable tooth gap for a long period of time. Immediate treatment also saves on otherwise spread out costs for dental implant treatment.

Choices in same day dental implant treatments give patients options for immediate teeth replacement. Same day dental implant solutions differentiate through implant technique for immediate dental stability, retention and control.

For example, a one day smile is possible with All on 4 dental implants that maximise bone volume using only 4 dental implants to support up to a full arch of teeth. An alternative is the iSmile using 4 dental implants for replacing up to a full set of teeth on a dental arch.