Dental implant costs

The decision to replace missing tooth roots with dental implants is not an easy one to make for a number of reasons that include suitability and financial outlay. The cost of dental implant treatment varies substantially in the UK, US and abroad.

Choosing dental implants

Globally, people choose to have dental implant treatment for greater control over oral functions such as eating and sleeping. Dentures, bridges and crowns not supported by dental implants may become loose more quickly resulting in higher costs for dental treatment in the long run.

Dental implants secure tooth restorations and prevent dentures from slipping in the mouth or becoming loose as gum tissue shrinks over time. Having the option of dental implants allows individuals to have sets of teeth that are just like natural teeth.

Factors impacting cost of dental implant treatment

Dental implants are made of materials such as titanium that is highly resistant to corrosion. The cost of titanium and materials used in the production of dental implants may influence their cost. Dental implants may be root or plate-formed or made of materials such as Zirconium.

The level of experience or qualification of the implantologist providing dental implant treatment may influence price as may associated treatments or procedures, such as bone grafts or sinus lift. Fees charged for use of high-tech equipment for diagnosis and dental implant fabrication, including laboratory fees may be added to dental implant treatment charges.

Whether you are a resident of a country with a health system that provides cover for dental implant treatment will affect how much money you outlay for the procedure. Some people compare costs for dental implant treatment in the home country versus abroad and may decide it gives cost-savings to have treatment overseas.

The type of dental prosthesis or artificial tooth anchored to the dental implant may impact cost too, and the amount of dental implants needed to replace missing tooth roots. Dental implants may be used to support one or more missing teeth with crowns, bridges or dentures.

Costs of dental implant treatment – UK, US and abroad

In the UK, dental implants are only available through the National Health Service (NHS) for those who have medical need for the treatment. Those with an exemption certificate may receive treatment free however others may have to pay for treatment according to band. Band 3 treatment is approximately £215 or more.

Where medical need is not proven, dental implant treatment in the UK may be received through private care with costs varying from £800 to £5000 depending on how may teeth on a dental arch are being replaced and all the procedures involved. The cost of treatment in the US may vary from $401 to $8001 or more depending on the operation and clinic.

Dental implant treatment abroad may be a quarter of the cost of treatment in the UK or US and for this reason many people opt for treatment in countries such as India and Hungary.

Dental implant treatment and insurance

Taking out a dental insurance plan may be the answer to reduce cost of dental implant treatment. Affordable payments are spread over monthly premiums to cover cost of implanting dental implants and their maintenance. It is worth comparing dental implant insurance plans for money savings.