Dental implants abroad

Dental Implants Abroad Nottingham

Increasingly, for different reasons, people in different countries are leaving their home countries to seek dental implant treatment abroad. Attractive dental implant treatment packages are now available for combining holidays with replacing missing teeth.

The UK case for dental implants abroad

In countries such as the United Kingdom where the National Health Service (NHS) limits options for dental implant treatment, seeking affordable dental implant procedures abroad may be the cost-saving answer.

To receive dental implant treatment on the NHS, the individual must provide medical evidence for the necessity of dental implant treatment. Generally, there is still a cost associated with NHS dental implant treatment as dental costs are banded according to need.

Further fuelling Britons seeking dental implant treatment abroad is the lack of implantology experts in the UK to perform NHS dental implant procedures. Patients may be limited to the type of dental implant used in treatment and those who are not suitable candidates due to weak bone density may not always have the option of bone grafting procedures to make dental implant treatment possible.

In addition, there are long waiting lists for care on the NHS meaning that those living in the UK who have medical evidence for dental implant treatment may have to wait for a number of years before the treatment is received.

The alternative for Britons is to rely on private dental implant treatment that may be quite costly, ranging from £400 to £5,000 depending on the extent of dental implant treatment required. While dental insurance may be an option for private dental implant treatment in the UK, the terms of the dental insurance policies may be limiting and more attractive treatment options may exist abroad at less cost.

Their European neighbours may be in a similar position, seeking lower cost alternative options in dental implant treatment abroad in countries such as Hungary, Poland and Turkey. For Britons, dental implant treatment in Greece may be a more affordable choice.

The US case for dental implant treatment abroad

Where dentistry costs for dental implant treatments are high, such as in the United States, citizens may wish to travel overseas for lower cost treatments. Many US trained dental implant experts have relocated abroad in countries based in Europe and Americans may be swayed to have a holiday in Europe combined with cheaper dental implant treatment than what they would receive in their home states.

Similar to the UK, dental implant treatment through dental welfare may not be available in certain states or treatment options may be limited. In such cases, Americans may wish to explore dental implant treatment options overseas.

Attraction of dental implant treatment abroad

More dental implant clinics are setting ups as retreats abroad for blending treatment and recovery with holiday experiences. Travel, hotel and insurance firms are offering better deals for travellers engaging in dental tourism. All these factors and the promotion of dental implant treatment destinations abroad via the Internet is giving accessibility to more people in need of affordable dental implant care outside of their home country.